Before & After – My Editing Style

I’ve been asked many times what my photos originally look like before I do any editing to them. So here are 4 photos from 4 weddings I shot in September, showing the difference between how the picture looks directly from my camera and what it looks like after editing it. These were only edited in Lightroom 4.  While most photographers are going with the vintage faded look, I’m trying to add more and more color!!

- This first one was a great shot right out of the camera and is fine just like it is, but I pushed it a little more to bring some warm colors to Adam and Meredith who got married at the beautiful Carnton Plantation!!

- Becky and Jason walked from Cellar One to this location where the group was completely shaded, so of course it looks a little blue. I did the same thing as above and made the picture look more warm and vibrant.

- Beth and Eric had a beautiful setting at the Dyer Observatory, but they had to be in hiding at this time, so I took some shots inside the house, but the lighting was just nasty. This was an instance when I decided that black & white was the way to go. It puts all the focus on them and looks absolutely beautiful!!

- Kevin and Lauren were walking down the street next to CJ’s Off the Square, when they hit a small patch of shade. A little vignetting and some warm color balancing made them stand out so much more!