Introducing – The Sunset Series

While photographing a self-portrait of my family a couple months ago, I stumbled upon a new passion! A photography session that absolutely makes me come alive during and after every photo shoot! I’ve always wondered why we go out to stores like IKEA and buy the same mass-produced piece of art, that every other person has up on their wall, when we can place an original piece of work, with us in it, up on our wall. Yes, it costs more than a $299 unoriginal flimsy print in a plastic frame, but it’s you and your family. It’s original… it’s beautiful… it’s signed by the Artist, and it becomes the center of attention in your home. The best part? It’s not a big picture of your family posed in front of a camera with forced smiles… it’s a well thought out, planned piece of original art with a personal touch, that shows your passion in life!

With every session I come to your house and we’ll discuss the “vision” you have for your family. I scout locations and look for the perfect spot for your photo shoot. We meet on an agreed upon date and this is where the magic happens! Everything is well thought out and timed to make sure we get the perfect shot in a short window of opportunity!  After you look through a few proofs of the very best shots, together your family picks the one that everyone loves the most, and I work to make it even more beautiful than you ever imagined. A couple weeks later, I reveal the 40×60″ Canvas Art at your house, ready to hang on your wall and display it the way you want it! It’s a true investment for your family at $2000 that you will be proud to hand down through the generations! Just as family has handed down old pictures through time to be remembered by, you will be remembered by an amazing work of art.

I wanted to share with you a little bit of the last Sunset Series I did with the McNeal Family. Lynette called me, after seeing the picture I took of my family,  and said “I want that for my house!” It was the start of an amazing experience that I personally fell in love with, and want to keep doing throughout the rest of my photographic career! She wanted a generational portrait of the men in her family all playing golf together, so I traveled to her husband’s golf club and scouted locations together until we came up with this beautiful spot! We shot a week later and had the picture up on her wall a couple weeks after that! Here’s is what Lynette had to say about the experience:

“Hey Joe – Just want to tell you again how happy Denny and I are with the “sunset” portrait you created for us.  Even with the time pressure of a setting sun, you made the photo shoot fun, and your turnaround time was amazingly quick.  Thanks to you and Rhonda, it was an easy and enjoyable experience.We couldn’t be happier with it– you created a true work of art that will become more treasured over time and will eventually be passed down from generation to generation. ” Lynette McNeal