Jack Daniels Engagement Photo Shoot

During our photo consultation, I showed Jeremy and Nikki a picture I took of an engaged couple on the 50 yard line in Titans Stadium.  Jeremy asked me how in the world I got inside Titans Stadium for an engagement shoot? Well, that remains a secret, but I reassured him that we do whatever it takes to get the pictures our clients want. As I remember it, the next thing he said was “Can you get us in Jack Daniels?” I’m happy to say, after a bunch of phone calls and knowing the right people, we got the full VIP treatment at the Jack Daniels Distillery the other day!

If you have never been to Jack Daniels and you live in TN, you need to go! They give free tours at the distillery. We were lucky enough to ride around in a huge black golf cart, stopping anywhere we wanted to take pictures! Of course, there were some restrictions, like not using a flash around 140 proof barrels of Gentleman Jack Whiskey and not getting the hugely popular (and trademarked) logo in any shot. Besides that, it was free range and we had a blast getting some fun and unique perspectives that most people never see!

Thank you Jack Daniels for helping me make this photo shoot a reality! You guys are the best!