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When it comes to taking pictures of my family, I find myself racking my brain on which photographer to choose for the job. I looked through 40-50 portfolios in the Nashville area, trying to find a cool, new, creative style that would intrigue me, but I just never came across it…. So, I got my tripod and long range remote and set out to take my own pictures! The goal was to capture a family portrait that would look like artwork on a 40×60″ canvas in our home. When you’re working with a canvas that big, you have to think in terms of art, because blowing up a regular family picture that big looks weird. Imagine walking into a house and there is a picture with a life-size You on it… weird, right?

So, we had to prepare for this shoot before it ever took place. 1. We had this tree shot in mind, but finding a tree by itself in the middle of a field is not easy. Luckily, I remembered passing by one on my way to a shoot a few weeks ago. 2. We wanted a sunrise behind the tree, so I looked at a photo shoot I did that was across the street from this spot, examined some of the shadows at sunset, and assumed that the sun would come up right where we wanted it to at around 5:30-6:00 am. 3. Taking a picture by remote from 400-500 ft away is not the easiest thing to do. First of all, you can’t hear the click that far away, so you just have to assume it is taking pictures. Then you have to review the pictures, make sure it is turning out the way you wanted, everyone is facing the camera and it is still in focus. 4. There’s a lot of post-production work on a picture like this, because believe it or not, the tree was surrounded by power lines! Not only that, but a sunrise in real life isn’t normally that magical, so I had to enhance the color a little;)

Above is the final image. There’s something to be said about going after ONE amazing shot vs. 50 good shots. Knowing what you want in the end is key. Then you can plan for it, visualize what it might look like, and take it a step further with good editing. I hope you enjoyed my explanation of this shot and the story behind what all went into it. If you’d like to invest in artwork like this for your home, I would love to talk with you. It will be something amazing you can cherish forever. joe@joehendricks.com

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