Wedding Consignment = Trash The Dress!!!

A lot of brides are definitely intrigued when I show them pictures of a bride in a waterfall, but no one really wants to ruin their dress. I totally understand (as much as a guy can) that you don’t want to ruin the dress that you wore on the happiest day of your life while kissing the man of your dreams! That’s where a wedding consignment store comes in;)Something Old Something New in Lenox Village is actually a wedding consignment boutique I partner with that sells beautiful dresses at great prices! If you have ever dreamed of having an amazing “Trash the Dress” session without ruining your dress, this is your chance. You make an appointment, and the whole boutique is yours to try different dresses on until you find something you love! Then we’ll choose a unique location for your photoshoot and capture some creative images, so every friend that comes over is jealous of how awesome you look on a beautiful canvas!

Here are some examples of a couple “Trash the Dress” photo shoots.


and here are some pictures of the boutique, Something Old Something New!