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The last 23 years as a Photographer have been wonderful, but it wasn’t until I moved to Nashville TN and married my wife, that I realized my 2 passions! Wedding Photography challenges me to a level I never thought imaginable! I perform best under pressure and it really shows when I am in the middle of a wedding taking pictures! Knowing my camera in and out allows me to be creative while shooting your wedding!

On the other hand, Family photography is a new passion of mine! Now that I am married and have a son of my own, I completely understand the importance of family photographs and I incorporate the creativity and knowledge I’ve learned from weddings into my family sessions! No other photographer works as hard and is creative as I am when it comes to taking pictures of your family! I truly love it and I know you are going to love my passion and the pictures I get of you!

People ask how I have been doing photography for 23 years, since I’m only 38 years old. Well, I was a photographer in Highschool, and then did 7 years as a Photographers Mate in the US NAVY! I’ve been doing it ever since! In fact, I would have retired last year from the NAVY if I stayed in, but I’m glad with the path I chose. God has definitely blessed my broken road;)